About Us


Beside press production, Hidroser operates in areas such as Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Automation and Industrial Control, Electro mechanics, Connection and Sealing Components, Filtration and Instrumentation, which have an important position in the industry. Hidroser is Turkey representative of Parker Group which is a global leading company.

Our company also has a very important knowledge in the field of industrial engineering. Since its establishment in 1995, it has been supplying the demands of leading companies regarding their special requests, such as hydraulic press, test machine, production machine and production lines, especially in the automotive industry.

Hidroser also provides services of engineering, consultancy, maintenance and technical training in the above mentioned subjects.


  • Managed in regards to stresses and tolerances of materials of single components and the assembly (mechanical deflections, oscillations, and dimensional deviations).
  • Residual stresses are released at the frame construction components.
  • Parallelism is controlled under load
  • Capacity is checked via loadcells